Survival phrases in ASL 101 classroom

Learn a few useful ASL phrases that you can use in ASL classroom. Ask for clarification or ask your instructor or student to repeat, to explain, or to rephrase.

To get the instructor's attention, raise your hand.

If you miss a signed word or a short ASL phrase, ask the instructor or a student to repeat it (sign again). If you catch the signed word but do not fully perceive it, you can produce the (imperfect) sign and ask to repeat it.

If the instructor produced a full sentence, make sure you repeated the previous signs to indicate which sign you want to have it repeated. For example:

T: ix-ref man study five year ix university
S: (raising hand) study five what?
T: year (and/or repeating the whole phrase or sentence).

If you don't understand, don't be afraid to tell the instructor immediately after a demostration or explanation.

If you don't get what your teacher instructs, request her to "explain again please".

When your instructor wants you to copy her, she would sign copy-me.

If you understand the whole ASL sentence except for one sign, you might want to ask what that sign means. First produce the sign that you're not familiar with and ask what it means: [signed word] ix mean what?

When signing is a bit fast or you miss it, ask the instructor or a student to sign "slowly please".

Ask when you're not sure what you should do in an activity.

If you wish to talk with the instructor (or vice versa) or if you have a question that you want to ask at the end of class, inform her: ix-me want-to talk later.

Ask what is for homework?

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