Decimals and numbers in American Sign Language

Learn how to express decicals in ASL. Like fractions, decimals represent numbers that are not whole numbers, by using a decimal point.

How to sign decimal numbers: use the index finger to poke a dot in the front space after telling the number and before the number.

1.5 [video soon]

Here is the number "forty-five and six-tenths" written as a decimal number: 45.6.

Notice that the palm orientation does not face in for the numbers between 1 and 5 in decimals, unlike the cardinal numbers between 1 and 5. The palm orientation between numbers one and five should face out in decimals.

72.95, 12.55, 0.02 [videos soon]

[videos soon]

0.016 (signed as 0|.|0.16|)

E.g. 0.012719 signed as 0|.|0|1|2}|7|19|

Christopher Kurz demonstrates how to sign "place values" in decimal numbers in the video below.

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