Colloquialisms in American Sign Language

Colloquialism is a word, phrase, or other form used in informal language mostly in non-written expression (whether signed or spoken) or in informal written expression, such as text messages.

Below are some examples of colloquialisms and slang words in American Sign Language (ASL) used by culturally Deaf signers.

Some ASL colloquial words and phrases are commonly known and well-spread, such as KISSFIST, TRUE+BIZ, and so on. Few other slang words may be known only to the "core insiders".

The duo in this video demonstrates some more ASL colloquialisms and slang phrases: pehpeh, hands-off (or the term "notmyproblem" used in this video), "sick", "cough", "mute" ("say nothing"), KISSFIST-YOU ("love you!), "true business" (sure enough), ACCEPT-HARD ("suck it up") and more.

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