Art terms in American Sign Language

In response to a request, I'm sharing my art-related signed terms as well as a few neologisms.

The following vocabulary includes in the video: composition, harmony, movement, unity, variety, balance, rhythm, emphasis, contrast, propotion, pattern, re, assemtry, symmetry, color wheel, complementary (color), primary color, secondary color, color theory, color, texture, line, shape, space, tone value, repetition, abstract, paint, charcoal, pastel, oil pastel, positive space, negative space. Bonus: calligraphy (East), characters (Asian writing), pictograph, hieroglyphs, text...

Note: this video is not for ASL beginners. The signing and fingerspelling speed is a norm.

That's all I could think of for now.


Both educational and entertaining. I definitely feel like my receptive fingerspelling skills have improved after watching this. Thanks for the video. -- Austin German, 2014.

Geez, you fingerspell like lightning, I missed most of it. :( Can u slow it down just a bit? -- Michael Vas, 2014.

Thank you for sharing, you are helping us learn the language better. Please, continue to post more :) (And, yes, my eyes also were wide open, trying, to pick up those fingerspelled words!) -- Sarah Penk, 2015.

Thank you so much for this video! I'm interpreting a beginning drawing class now and plan to use many of these signs and classifier ideas! Thanks! -- Jennifer Bellew, 2015.

I am an art teacher for a school for the Deaf in Georgia and this video is so incredibly helpful!! I pinned this video and plan on using it as a resource in my classroom! Thank you for sharing! -- Christine Walker, 2015.