The Rooster and the Fox

A fable retold in American Sign Language (2009).


The sun was sunsetting over the farmland one evening. A rooster, feeling tired, thought to himself, "Well, it is time to rest and sleep." He walked towards the shelter and came inside. He flapped his wings onto the roost. As he was about to rest, he caught a glimpse of something below him. It was a pair of red bright eyes and a long pointed nose. The rooster recognized it was a fox!

The fox cheerfully cried, "Hey, know what was the big news today?" He explained, "all the animals came together today to discuss and we all agreed that there will be no more killing! From now on, we all are friends forever. Oh, I simply am excited to tell you this. Come down, my dear friend, let's celebrate together! Come here."

The rooster stayed calmly, "Indeed, how wonderful to hear this news. I certainly am delighted." But, his eyes were distracted. He stood up to take a peer through the window.

"What, what do you see?" asked the fox nervously.

"I think I'm seeing two dogs coming this way--" The fox jumped and ran. The rooster yelled, "Hey there, wait. I suppose the dogs are your friends as well."

"Yes, I suppose so." The fox continued, "But, these dogs might not have heard the news yet. Besides, I have other important errands to do, though. See ya!" The fox was gone.

The rooster smiled to himself, "I have accomplished in deceiving the foe." He buried his head under his wing to sleep.


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