Moustach and beard styles in sign language

Movember is a term combining the month of November and moustaches. It's a worldwide men's health awareness month. Learn how to sign different styles of mustaches and beards in American Sign Language (ASL).

ASL sign for BEARD. It's a generic signed word.


Let's explore different kinds of moustaches and beards to learn how to sign them.

CHIN CURTAIN beard is a facial hair style that grows to about 3-5mm down from the sideburns and along the jaw line and covers the chin completely (or sometimes partially).

Modify the movement (length) of CHIN CURTAIN to indicate whether it covers the chin completely or partially. In this video, it's partial.

Use the mouth morpheme "oo" to indicate a thin or small strip of facial hair along the jaw line.

FU MANCHU is a long, thin, straight drooping moustache down each side of the mouth, down to the jaw.

The handshape classifier "I" depicts a thin line of something along with the mouth morpheme "oo".

HANDLEBAR is a long and upward curved, bushy moustache.

PENCIL is a thin moustache just above the upper lip.

Use the handshape classifier "I" along with the mouthing "oo".

VAN DYKE BEARD is a facial hair style named after 17th century Flemish painter Anthony van Dyck.

WALRUS is a thick and bushy moustache, dropping over the upper lip. This style resembles the whiskers of a walrus, hence the name.

All of these signs are some basics of much more variations, using proper classifier handshapes and mouth morphemes (such as "oo", "puff", etc).

If you'd like to contribute some more related signs for this page, you can send us.

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