"The Gnat and the Bull" in ASL storytelling

This story "The Gnat and the Bull" was translated and adapted in 1997 by Jolanta Lapiak from the Treasury of Fables by Brimax. This signed story is one of the oldest productions on this website, so these old images are preserved as part of this website's history.

Learn some grammar, classifier predicates, verb inflections, and determiners (e.g. pronouns) from this story. Although this one is an example, there can be different ways of expressing a structure of sentences in this story.

ASL: The Gnat and the Bull


a tiny stinging, flying gnat with long nose...

flew for a long time.

It grew tired. When flying weakly, it spotted..

a bull. The gnat sat on the horn of a bull and rested.

The gnat asked the bull..

"Is it okay with you that I go now?"

The bull rolled his eyes up and said, "No difference,"

I didn't notice you come..

and I will not

notice you go."

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