Describing tables in American Sign Language

When describing an object in general, remember some quick pointers:

State a noun first before using its classifier. For tables, start from the top to the bottom or table legs. Use mouth morphemes to describe a size of the part of an object when needed.

However, some exceptions may apply, depending on how parts of an object are organized. Use a strategy to make a description in a nice flow and unity.

First set the topic (that is the noun) table. Don't forget to raise eyebrows for topicalization.

Use the classifier to describe the round of the table and establish the reference point by using the left hand (flat palm) so that you can use the dominant right hand to define the round bottom.

Hold the left-handed reference point while the right-handed classifier describes the leg. Then use the both hands to describe the remaining legs.

First state the noun table.

Set the reference point with the classifier (flat palm). Then use the both-handed classifier to describe the legs of the table.

This one shows how to describe the type of medium, color, and such of the object.

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