Describing lamps and lightings in sign language

When describing an object, remember some quick pointers:

State a noun first before using its classifier. For ceiling lamps, usually start from the top way down to the bottom of the object. For floor lamps, generally start from the bottom way to the top of the object.

However, some exceptions may apply, depending on how parts of an object are organized. Use a strategy to make a description in a nice flow and unity.

Use mouth morphemes to describe a size of the part of an object.

First utter the noun lighting. Raise eyebrows for this topic or object of the sentence.

Then use a classifier to define the shape from the top part of the ceiling light. The signer uses the dominant right hand to hold a reference point while using the left hand to describe the pole. So that, she could use the dominant right hand to utter white while the passive left hand holds a reference point.

Pay attention to the mouth morpheme, such as "OO" for a small or thin size.

Use a classifier to define the form of the round light and "garnish" the final light.

Open with the first noun floor light.

Start with the bottom with the classifier. Watch for the facial grammar -- mouthing "oo" to indicate a small size. Then, use the dominant right hand to describe the pole while use the left hand as a reference point. The mouthing "aah" indicates a long pole.

Move the left hand to the top of the right hand to establish another reference point while the right hand describes the "lamp branch". Then go back to the reference point with the right hand.

The right hand continues with the further pole. Where the right hand stops there, both hands describes the lamp with the final "light".

State the noun floor light.

The signer opens with the color black of the bottom, describe the bottom with the classifier and facial grammar ("oo"), and again the pole with "aah".

Then, she first states the noun white paper to describe the medium and color of the lamp with the classifier. She goes back to the reference point where the last was used.

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