Conjunction: "UNDERSTAND+" in American Sign Language

Conjunction is a word that connect words, phrases, or clauses. The conjunction understand++ is a conjunction in ASL. It is not literally "understand" in English meaning, not at all. Just for the sake of glossing a similar sign. It somehow connotates along the line of "however...", "unless...".

Gloss: "understand++" as a conjunction.

Like other conjunctions, UNDERSTAND-conj is accompanied with raised eyebrows and the movement is twice or sometimes trice. (a gloss symbol /\ for raised eyebrows).

For examples:

English translation with an ASL gloss for the conjunction: Okay, I can loan you this book, /\understand++/\ I need it back by next Monday for class.

Glosses: #ok, fine++, ix-me can loan-you, /\understand++, book/\ must (you)#back(me) future[cs] monday

Also see conjunction FINISH

Conjunction ONE

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