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Browse some topics, tutorials, lessons, and tips that ASL students and language enthusiasts can explore and learn some sign language and Deaf culture, including history, technology, literature, and art.


Got any question or a tutorial request? These tutorials are not exhaustive. Posts may be continually added upon a request via email.

Online lessons are, in any way, no substitute for face-to-face instruction and language immersion. I strongly recommend you to take a face-to-face course to attain a high level of communicative competency in combination with social interactions with signers in the Deaf/ASL community and tutorials online.

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The ASL Rookie Guide

New to sign language? No idea where to start? New sign language learners may wonder "Where do I start?" or "How do I start learning sign language?"

The links to the tutorial pages are a guide for ASL beginners to get started and keep rolling as well as for intermediate learners and ASL students to review.

Some tutorial pages may be a mix of free and premium versions. Access to premium content and links below are available in the PatronPlus subscription.

Getting started


Learning first words

ASL Basics

ASL Basics II

Describing shapes

Expressing needs and wants

Making basic plans


Talking about family

Talking about activities

Basic stories and poems