ASL 102 lessons

sign language onlineThese basic lessons are offered for learners who are interested in learning ASL as a second language (L2) online. These online lessons are for your personal and educational interests only whether you are an ASL student, a parent of deaf children, or an individual in a remote area.

A word of caution: online lessons are, in any way, no substitute for face-to-face instruction and live interaction in real life. I strongly recommend that you take a face-to-face course to attain a high level of communicative competency. However, these lessons may be beneficial supplementary materials for ASL students, instructors, and individuals alike.

American Sign Language dictionaryThe most efficient communicative competency is two-way interactive communication with a native or near-native instructor and fluent signers in Deaf/ASL community. It's an opportunity where you can acquire the target language in an immersive environemnt, develop and use your language through two-way interactive conversations and meaning negotiation, receive corrective feedback, develop your language structure, and understand subtle pragmatics, contextual meaning, and gradiant meaning.

ASL Instructors and students

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