Beginner I

The Star Arrow: an ASL poem

This ASL poem was originally created by Jolanta Lapiak, August 2008. It's a beginner's favorite.


The translation is rough, because a number of poetic elements and grammar cannot be translated into English or other languages. For a non-signer, this translation shows what the poem is about rather than a translation.

stars across the sky
the star broke off from the others...
it driftingly fell down...
toward the earth...
below the tree, the couple cuddled.
as the cupid flew above the tree,
she/he saw the falling star coming down.
The cupid reached it,
and she/he took out the bow and released the star arrow.
The star arrow zoomed towards the heart of the couple.
It penetrated through the heart.
The heart beats fast, and the couple are together thereafter.

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