The Deer and the Leaf: ASL Poetic Story

The Deer and the Leaf (June 2008) is a poetic short story in ASL originally created by literary media artist Jolanta Lapiak.

In this story, the storyteller uses the ASL words only with the "5" and related handshapes (e.g. B and 4 handshapes).

Rough Translation

Landscape, lush forest. The grass is wave-moving. A herd of deer walks together along the trees. A leaf falls down from the tree. As the leaf drifts down right in front of the deer, the deer was scared and she/he screamed. The whole herd of deer gets scared too and runs together as fast as they could. They slow down a bit, wondering what was going on. They stop and look at the deer who initiated the scare. The deer looks down in embarrassment, "Oops." The herd of deer sympathetically says, "All right." They then move on and walk together along the trees. The grass is moving. Lush trees, landscape.

Here describes some examples of the cinematic vocabulary, grammatical structure, and literary elements in the story, The Deer and the Leaf.

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