The emergence of asking a wh-question

The toddler Juli continued to produce some more new one-word vocabulary and two-word utterances. This wasn't much new except for the emergence of asking a wh-question using the ASL word where. Juli also had become more a conversationalist.

It all started when Juli asked where in front of the alphabetical magnets. At first I thought she just wanted me to play by asking "where is the [letter]".

But, over the course of this week, I realized she was also using a wh-question where to ask a question.

For example, I caught her uttering boat where (see video) when she seemed to look for the boat in the transportation book.

Another thing was she uttered where kangaroo (Where is the kangaroo?). (see video) It was unclear whether she was asking me or herself. Regardless of this, she appeared to practice asking a question.

This "where" production didn't last long and it eventually faded out later.

Use of emerging ASL words and utterances

The following referential words and phrases that Juli has used this week: many friends (animals in a book), chicken (well-formed production), cloth washing (referring to Uncle J's one at home), rabbit tired, bbq cook, boat where, food store, fire hot (referring to Dude's firefighter logo), father sleep, printer, kangaroo, some more shown in the video above, and some reguarly used ASL words.