Early emergence of recognizable words

Baby overcategorizing concepts: One Monday morning a week before (age 0;9) , as a frequently visiting neighbor cat passed by the low window, at the precise time Juli made some noise. The cat suddently freezed and looked up through the window.

Quickly I grabbed Juli and showed her the cat. As I pointed to the cat, the cat walked away. Coincidentally, the animal book lying nearby showed an image of the cat. I pointed at it and uttered the ASL word cat, cat, cat.

Juli looked and thought for a moment. She tapped on her lap. She associated this older ASL word with both dogs and cats.

I turned the pages, pointed to the image of a dog, and uttered #dog, then tapping on my lap. I pointed to the cat and uttered cat. I added vocalized gestures to both of them: "woof" and "meow" along with the ASL words. Juli smiled and giggled at the "woof" sounds (or maybe my facial expression).

At one point this week Juli looked at the purple stuffed giraffe and tapped on her lap. Okay, a concept of "animal" in her own language.

Calling "mama" indiscriminately

Juli (m9w1) reached out her arms and vocalized "mom" to her father Dude who corrected, "No, it's dada, DA-DA.". Again at another time, Juli vocalized "mom" when Dude approached her.

Dude turned to me, "Hey, Juli called me 'mom'?" I asked, "Really? It's #m-o-m? He nodded. I replied, "It's normal." He looked at me, "It's normal? I'm not a mom."

Baby at this age say "mama" (or "dada") indiscriminately. Google it and find it's very common.

The other day I was holding Juli in my left arm while I arranged the baby seat belt with my other hand. Grandma Z observed that Juli took a good look at me and said "mama", but I was absorbed with the task.

One night, I came home, opening the door. Juli looked up at me with eyes lit up, vocalized "mamama", and crawled toward me. I greeted mother repeatedly and reached out my arms.

Another thing (age 9;3) I noticed this week is that Juli seems to associate things together or separate things according to their categories.

Juli and I interacted during a play time. I uttered ball and pointed to the small ball and the big ball whenever I held or she held, whoever had it. Then Juli turned to look at another small ball sitting quietly and she pointed to it.

Videoclip: Juli and I responded at the same time when producing the same (tapping on the leg). It was a moment of experiencing a connection with her.