The preschooler expressing concepts of quantity in sign language

The preschooler Juli (age 3;0) has been using so-little or tiny as well as small and big for the past months.

However, lately Juli has expressed the ASL terms such as #all and half.

For example, Juli would "smooth-talk" me to give her some sweets. She found a way of getting to the bag of fudge sweets that I bought for Halloween and hid it since then. She initially suggested me you eat candy as if to tempt me.

When I let her have one but only an half, she agreed. A while later, she asked for the candy but she begged half (headshake) half. That is, she wanted the whole piece.

Learning that she could get a half piece of candy easier than the whole piece, she often asked for half. But, she also often asked [headshake] half or not half with headshake.

Juli used #all (or "all of them") in one situation with Grandma Z present. Seeing this situation, Grandma Z reported that Juli had used #all[loc] in playtime the other day.

One day a week later, Juli wanted an apple. I emphasized, "Chopped, okay?" in ASL. Juli usually wanted a whole apple but she always ate around the middle only and wasted the rest of it. So I preferred chopped an apple into pieces so that she would eat all. Juli "promised" or assured me, ix-me eat #all.

Counting up to 20 in sign language

Juli at age 3;6 was introduced to counting up to 20 under my guide. She was able to count on her own up to fifteen, usually skipping 9 and sloppily forming fourteen and fifteen in mixed order.

ASL language development

One early morning, Juli woke up and sat up on the bed. She told me, get-up; eat apple pancake + drink. ix-me hungry. need eat apple pancake + drink.

One day she had some suggestion: ix-me have idea. ix-me play game. Though, I didn't know what game she talked about.

One night, she was ready to hit the sack. She informed me, ix-me tired. ix-me need to-sleep.

Some of the following new words or phrases that Juli used this week: later.. tomorrow, ix-me need fork (she had a bowl of chicken with no utensil), , and some more shown in the video above.

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