Toddler naming the ASL numbers

Two-word utterances became more commonly used this week. The 23-month-old toddler Juli recgonized some numbers and was able to phonologically produced two numbers 1 and 5.

Last week Juli first produced two-word utterance number five twice in one sitting. It was distinctly clear.

Her production was phonologically natural and somehow perfect, including the correct palm orientation, movement, and all. This two-word utterance was probably the most natural and adult-like production of all ASL words Juli had acquired to this date.

Juli did produce number five once again this week. I couldn't be sure whether it was a two-word utterance or an ASL compound word number+five.

To avoid confusion between the alphabetical letters and the numbers where there are some similar handshapes (e.g. "V" and "2"), I used the ASL word number with one of the numbers.

That's how Juli used the two parts of words number + five.

Language development

Another ASL compound word that Juli had produced this week was green + brocolli. I used the "+" with spaces between two glosses to keep it ambiguous between a two-word utterance and a compound word in ASL.

I created an ASL neologism green+brocolli which is an ASL compound. Note that there is no gloss for the second part of the ASL compound word, so the gloss "brocolli" is a poor substitute. I also created an ASL neologism for "cauliflower", in which the gloss is white+brocolli.

The following referential words and phrases that Juli used this week: number five, green + brocolli, cat hide, santa-claus ride, , light on, mother happy (told Grandma Z), frog hopping, some more shown in the video above, and other ASL words mentioned in the past months.

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