Kid's ASL sign for cookie

Definition: A small sweet cake, typically round, flat, and crisp.

Signed at age 4.

drawing of a cookie

This drawing shows a blue plate of many chocolate chip cookies. Juli asked me how to spell 'cookie' so I fingerspelled it while she wrote down.

Phonological acquisition: This video above shows a time lapse of how the child's handshape, location, and movement develop from baby to pre-K in phonological acquisition.

A month before her first birthday, this ASL sign COOKIE emerged. A cookie is clearly a motivator! As you can see the look on her face. Initially, she used the unmarked handshape "5" instead of the "claw" handshape. Later, handshape "20" (known as "baby O in linguistics) and then "claw 5".

Proximalization: notice that the movement was initial in her left hand and then transferred to the right hand. She was/is right-handed.

More drooling food? CAKE! Or, FOOD.