Kid's ASL sign for snake

Meaning: a long, thin reptile without legs.

drawing of the snake

A drawing of the green snake, by Juli aged 7.

Phonological acquisition: At age 1;5, the baby Juli was first captured signing 'SNAKE', using her index finger (one of the unmarked handshapes). At age 1;8, she was observed, signing either right-handed or left-handed.

At age 2;0, Juli began to use a different handshape, briefly. Probably she became conscious of it. At age 2;1, she used the handshape R (because she was unable to hold two fingers together such as U or V so she used the cross (R) to hold two fingers together). Age 2;3, she finally was able to hold two fingers together (handshape U before the emerging handshape V at age 2;8).