Kid's ASL sign for robin

A North American songbird having a rust-red breast and gray and black upper plumage.

Signed at age 5;4. She didn't manage to sign with the handshape "R" at that time; even though, she was able to do it in everyday life before that.

a drawing of a robin bird

A drawing of a red-breasted robin by Deaf girl Abbey at age 4. Abbey's Deaf mother told a story behind this drawing (Dec. 24, 2016) after she showed this image to her mother (Abbey's Deaf grandmother) who was truly touched:

"My father grew up, so fond of red robins and he often mentioned this when the winter approached. I sat down with Abbey, asking why she drew a red bird... she shrugged and said that she liked them because they were red, nice and beautiful. I asked if it was flying or sitting. She wasn't sure so I offered to help draw a tree so that the bird could sit. It's truly amazing how signs like this do tell me that Dad is trying to communicate with us. Especially to our children. <3 Dad and Abbey. Their love for "red birds".