Kid's ASL sign for zoo

A garden or park where wild animals are kept for exhibition.

Signed at age 5;7.

The ASL sign ZOO is a lexicalized sign; that is, the fingerspelled word borrowed from an English word became a sign.

At age 2;7, she wanted to go to the zoo. She signed "Z", but her mother understood this in context. The mother double checked, "you wanted to go to zoo?". The girl nodded.

At age 3;1, Juli signed in ASL (translated as), "Both of us go to the zoo." She wanted us to go.

In this sentence, she used a plural pronoun glossed as TWO-US (or WE-TWO).

drawing of zoo

A drawing of the zoo with a few stickers of the animals at age 5.

drawing of zoo

A drawing of the zoo next to a witch's pink odd house. Age 5.