Kid's ASL sign for: princess

A female member of a royal family, especially a daughter of a king or queen.

Proximalization: In this video, Juli signed at age 5;7. The direction (movement) is reversed.

The early video captured Juli signing PRINCESS at age 3, with the opposite direction, more different than the recent one.

a drawing of a princess

A watercolor drawing by Juli at age 5 shows a princess wearing a golden crown and a ball grown with red trimmings.

This three year old (3;6) bilingual girl played a magical fairy to make her mother a beautiful princess. Then, she asked her mother to cast a magic on her to become a pretty princess, using a white-seed dandelion.

Just for the fun of it. The little princess seemingly thought she was the only princess in the whole house until the day her mother wore a princess dress. And, her reaction... "is my mother a real princess?" Her feelings apparently raced in a few seconds.

Related signs: QUEEN, CASTLE, PRINCE.