Kid's ASL sign for mother

Definition: A woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth.

Signing at age 4 in the video above.

Phonological acquisition

Even though the "5" handshape is one of the unmarked handshapes but why didn't she use this handshape? Thumb is one of the most difficult phonological aspects to acquire at earlier age.

The "1" handshape is also one of the unmarked handshapes. She began with this handshape, then "A" and finally then "5".

In term of the movement, the infant Juli started with what is appeared to be the movement away from the face rather than toward the face. See the difference between age 1;2 and 1;5 (both same handshapes but different movement).

Though, many ASLian parents may use the handshape "1" for (what is equivalent to English as) MOMMY or "mum" with their babies. Instead, I used the regular ASL sign ("5" handshape) all the way and watching Juli's development had been interesting.

In case you're wondering what she signed at the end of this video. She uttered in ASL, MAKE HEART FOR MOTHER. Notice the handshape error for HEART (incorrect "6" instead of correct "open 8").