Baby's Sign Language Wordbook

This baby's sign language wordbook is a treasure trove of authentic ASL words signed by native signers of all ages from baby to Deaf parent, time-lapse video clips of baby signing words, drawings produced by Deaf children and codas, stories, some sentences, and/or the darndest things kids signed. Cute ASLian kids!

Kid's ASL Wordbook

Baby Signing of the Week

The video shows a baby signing the ASL word NO in the early language acquisition (handshape, location, and movement).

Have you ever seen a baby or a tot signing a language as their first language before? Have you observed how a youngster naturally acquire a signed language from newborn to age 5 or so? Now you can take a peer at some ASL words to see how children develop their language.

Submit your stories

This website HandSpeak is open to submissions for images, drawings, videos, and stories of ASLian families of Deaf and CODA children. Just email me.

This Kid's ASL Wordbook online is not a complete project. New words or signs will be continually added to this corpus of vocabulary.