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What subscribers say?

"I signed up because it looks as though you keep the website updated with current signs, or new signs." -- May 12, 2005.

"Thank you for this site. It is the best of its kind on the web. Our [baby] daughter is so much happier that she can tell us what she wants and needs. Much less crying, much more laughing! Thank you." -- April 17, 2005.

"You have the most comprehensive dictionary online." -- April 4, 2005.

"... my one year old son remembered the sign for medicine that I showed him only three times, two months ago, and I didn't! I guess we human beings are amazing creatures. We are never too old to stop learning, and never too young to teach! I am grateful for the wonderful resources (such as your site!) that have allowed me to learn ASL so that I can teach it to my son. It's altered my perspective in so many magical ways!" -- Aleta. May 6, 2003.

"I appreciate your website more than ever now. My son is 11.5 months old and is picking up new sign instantly. I'm rushing to keep up with him! It's great that he can not only communicate to me that he is hungry, but also what he wants to eat. Plus, he is able to understand some abstract concepts through the visual language. .. It's very rewarding as a parent to really know your child is making connections and also rewarding to see him light up with pride when his communications are understood!" -- Aleta. April 14, 2003.

".. inspired by the PBS documentary "Sound & Fury" .. for the first time I really saw the beauty and expressiveness of sign language! It should be offered at schools on a par with other language courses. I also realised how much I use signs to communicate with my dog Rowan, and have fun practicing sign with him."

".. I am learning BSL and I absolutely love it .. I feel that hearing people are really missing out; it is so expressive and feel VERY STRONGLY that it should be compulsary in ALL schools .. "

".. a liturgical praise dancer. I have been using the sign languages from your page to incorporate into my dances. ..such a blessed enhancement. I almost stopped dancing before running across your site, because I was having difficulty creating gestures based on the words in the song .."

"I teach Sunday School at the Salvation Army and I am teaching my children memory verses. I came across one that had sign language to help them remember the verse better. They loved it. ... I believe that it is very important to know how to sign since it can be very frustrating for someone to get their point across. Even verbal.

".. My wife and I are learning sign language as a third language ... I have memorized the story of the gnat and the bull and related it to my wife (very zen). .. Thank you very very much for providing this rich resource. This is a ray of sunshine for many people."

".. I speak Japanese and his uncle speaks Spanish, now if my son learns sign language, wow this is so cool. .."

"I use sign language [and manual alphabet] in my foreign language classroom. It helps kids learn to spell and helps them recognize some pronunciation differences between French and English or Spanish and English. For example the long "e" sound like in the English word "speed" is actually spelled with an "i" in French and in Spanish. When students ask me to spell something I pronounce the sound and also sign the letter I am saying so that they spell it correctly. ...

"Even though none of my current students are hearing impaired, they have a great deal to learn about language and culture in general. Kinesthetic learners really benefit from my incorporating it, others merely think it is fun. Some have been inspired to learn more signs outside my classroom. I think it is great they are learning a third language."

"I am a doctor, and I was seeing a new patient who didn't speak a word of English. She spoke only a local African tribal language .. her previous contacts with doctors during immigration had been very negative. At first she refused to speak to me at all. But I found that by adding the more intuitively obvious ASL signs to my English sentences while I was speaking, I was able to make more direct contact with her. .. signs can still be a useful aid when attempting to communicate across a language barrier."

"One evening I rehearsed the vocabularies while I was watching news. My 4 1/2 years old son sat next to me thought I was playing w/ my hands. Now I realize I end up teaching him sign language as well. .. P.S. We're not disable of any kind. No one in our family that I know of. But this tool has giving me a way to venture into the new world."

".. I'm mute for 10 days because of a school project. I decided I should learn some signing for it, thank you for this great site. It's really opened my eyes to another language."

".. I am an aspiring interpreter .. i feel like when you communicate through your hands you use more of your heart than your brain .."

"I'm a Bombay (India) based web journalist. .. Though I can speak and hear, I am eagerly learning the alphabet and language .. So far, I've learnt how to 'speak' my name and my (hearing) fiancee's. And I've learnt to 'tell' her that I love her. I look forward to the day I can propose to her using sign language.

".. we use the site in our homeschooling, as a second language. .. Our child is 9, ADHD .. does really well with homeschooling - he's exceptionally bright, VERY active, inquisitive and challenging. Your site has captured his interest and he is intrigued. .. [thx msg]"

".. My 5 year old daughter (already trilingual), after seeing parts of a beautiful German film about a girl with deaf parents decided she wants to learn yet another language!"

".. Sign language has become a great activity for my 4-year-old and me. We use signs in public where quiet is important or when we are too far apart to speak without shouting. I have a 4-month-old and have already been using signs with her. Although I know it isn't until roughly 8 mos. that they begin to understand, I don't see how it can hurt to start a little early."

".. I am a "hearie", ASL student, who enjoys learning from your web-site.. The other day I was practicing signing with my hearing son. We were disagreeing playfully. He kept signing "yes" and I kept signing , "No." Finally, instead of saying,"Stop it, Mom!" because we can both HEAR, he held my hand so I couldn't move it. To me, that increased my understanding----in a small way. Little by little I learn. With great desire I search for ways to learn these lessons. "