Note: Jolanta was the owner/creator of Deaf World Web (DWW) in 1996 till 2001, which was abandonded. The section of DWW, Sign Language Online first created in 1997, was transferred to HandSpeak in 2000.

"Just recently, I stopped to change a flat tire for a hearing impaired lady. It was quite frustrating not being able to communicate .. I thought that there has to be a way to learn signs without the trouble of enrolling at a college.

"When I found your site, I was looking for some educational software at, where someone had posted a link to your site. I found your site to be very educational, and have re-set my browser's default home page to your site.

A very hearty thank you to your webmaster for a very well job done, with all the superb graphics." -- Paul Ahkolik, June 8, 2001.

Wonderful web site. Full of accurate and helpful information. I had a presentation to do in my MBA Management Communication class on Sign Language Communication. Your site provided me with 90% of the information, pictures, graphics and signs I needed for my presentation. Your signs, pictures, graphics, etc. work beautifully with my Power point presentation. I got an A+." -- Paul Baker, Walkersville, Maryland, USA. April 27, 2001.

".. LOVE this site! I am a homeschooling mother of 3 and I really like to supplement our education and HandSpeak is so excellent for this! Little kids are like sponges and really absorb signing fast and it also introduces them to a different culture and makes them sensitive to it." -- Jeanne. February 16, 2001.

"... I am a hearing new mother with hearing loss. I want to share with my son an alternative communication - a beautiful way to communicate! ... Thank you for reaching out to the people who are interested in this "wholistic" language. " -- Jennifer Coleman, February 28, 2001.

".. Our family doesn't have much money and I have always wanted to learn sign language. .. so nice to see someone offer such documentation for free." -- D. Mix, November 4, 2000.

"I want all those responsible to know how informative and inspiring I find your website. I seldom pour over any site as I have this one. I will be checking in daily.. " -- Connie Jo Henson (retired teacher), Texas, USA. October 1, 2000.

".. absolutely blessed by your website-- I have discovered a true passion for this language. .." -- Danielle Holstine, August 26, 2000.

"... I had throat surgery two days ago so I cannot talk for 4 weeks. Decided to learn the letters of signing with my family so it would be easier to communicate. Site very helpful." -- Steve Moberg. August 23, 2000.

"... a 15 year old magician and am always trying to learn something new in order to manipulate my hands so I get better at sleight of hand. After years of juggling and origami I have found your site and began my newest and favorite form of dexterity. Without your site I'd probably be basket weaving right now. Thankyou again." -- Jared. July 31, 2000.

"... I am a US Marine stationed onboard a helicopter airfield at Camp Pendleton, Ca. Working around these aircraft makes communication difficult while trying to troubleshoot some problems. With the use of your site I have been able to teach some of our mechs and pilots some simple signs to make understanding more clearer than to yell at each other over the roar of the engines. I also share your site at home as well where I teach both of my five year old twin boys. When I feel that they are being too loud and rowdy, as most kids are, I declare it "Quiet Time." A game we play to see who can communicate the longest without speaking a word. They are getting really good at it. " -- MA Villanueva, Staff Sergeant of Marines & Devoted Father. June 23, 2000, USA.

"... I am the proud guardian to 2 dogs that were born deaf and they are learning new signs every day and my older "gal" now respond to over 130 ASL signs. Thank you for your help in making this possible. ..." -- Lin Gardinor, June 23, 2000.

"... I can't believe it is free!!! Thank you so much :)" -- Carolyn, 26 year old mother, Goshen, IN, USA. June 17, 2000.

"... many hearing impaired people come to my place of employment and its nice to be able to tell them "good morning" or ask them how their day has been. .. it warms you up inside when you see a smile on their face because there is a person who they can talk to and ask questions. .." -- Jennifer Helmig, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. June 15, 2000.

".. I couldn't believe my eyes what I found tonight. I had DWW in my favorites for five months and just found your 'handspeak' page. .. I am sixty-one years old Deaf woman and I have always believed the sign language should be used on Deaf babies right from the start! Wonderful to see so many keen parents, friends and teachers learning :)!" -- Patreena J., New Zealand. June 1, 2000.

"I have a deaf cousin who I grew up with. .. I got to see him for the first time in about 15 years. .. I came across your website and my life changed. I started practising intensely and we now talk more and more all the time. Thank you, thank you, thank you Thank you, thank you, thank you Thank you, thank you, thank you Thank you, thank you, thank you Thank you, thank you, thank you Thank you, thank you, thank you Thank you, thank you, thank you Thank you, thank you, thank you You've changed my life forever." -- J. Thompson. May 14, 2000.

"All employees of the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind are required to have ASL proficiency at a pre-determined level within 30 months of employment. We are using your site as our default home pages in order to learn a new word a day. Please keep up the great job so we can pass our tests!" -- Tana Thompson. Alabama, USA. February 18, 2000.

"I am a deaf person who teaches 4 ASL classes on the side and I wanted to compliment you highly on your excellent and useful website. When I first saw you signing in real motion, I just sat there speechless! This is FREE? Thank you for this." -- Russell Kane, New York, USA. February 9, 2000.

"thank you for posting the sign for fish. Phoebe, age 15 months, is eternally grateful that her parents can communicate with her now! She feeds fish everyday and needed that help! thank thank thank thank thank YOU" -- Melissa Jurist. December 21, 1999.

"... I have noticed that the dictionary is pretty random and eclectic collection of words (signs?). But I'm learning quickly and can now say in sign "You're problem is that your shoes are to tight, you schizophrenic bitch." I don't know that I'll ever really be able to use this in conversation, but I eagerly await the oppurtunity. Before I found the DWW all I could say was "I'm tired and I'll have a boat full of mayonaise." As you can see I'm moving right along... " -- Shawn Duncan. Brewery, Maine, USA. November 28, 1999.

I am so glad I found this website. I have a deaf dog and hope to be able to communicate with her through sign language. I've heard people have been very successful. -- anonymous - Long Island, New York - Saturday, August 21, 1999 at 20:53:50 (EDT)

Good luck to all of you learning to sign. Growing up with deaf family members I was the "odd-ball". Naturally I learned the language and took it for granted. But reading all of your entries has given me a new appreciation for a languate I took for granted! -- Doe Eyes - Somewhere in Texas - Friday, August 13, 1999 at 20:47:48 (EDT)

I use ASL to communicate with our deaf pups. We use approximately 65 signs with them and they respond wonderfully. It has been the key their success!! Our boy, Hogan, has been on Animal Adventures, OPRAH, Good Morning America, Amazing Tails, and the Discovery Channel. They visit churches, schools, local organizations, and convalescent homes. All because of the ability to understand ASL!! We pray that it will help others!! -- Connie - Connecticut - Sunday, July 18, 1999

Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I am 8years old. I am very interested in learning how to sign. My mom found me this great web site and I am learning new signs every day. Thanks for being there. -- Elizabeth - Tuesday, June 29, 1999

I'm a hairdresser and constanly meeting new and different ppl, one of the greatest barriers in my job is communication. I've learned that there is a signifigant amount of ppl with hearing disabilities and I'd like to be known in the deaf community as the hairdresser that can sign. Thanks for the great page and all the help you've given me and my clients. -- Jeni, Olympia, WA - Thursday, June 24, 1999

i'm 16 and i have been so intrigued in sign language all my life so i just recently started to learn sign language and i'm totaly in love with it i have nevere been happier or ever felt better about my self -- Melissa - texas - Wednesday, April 07, 1999

[..] I would like to thank this site for giving more information about the deaf community and culture. It is important for everyone to understand that someone deaf is not handicapped in any way. I believe the deaf are very special and can teach everyone a lot about life and other things. Thank you deaf world for bringing the deaf community together with the hearing community via the internet! -- Elvis R. - Denver,Co. - Wednesday, March 31, 1999

I am a mother of an 18 month old hearing daughter who has ASL vocabulary of about 20-30 signs. I started teaching her signs from an ASL dictionary as a means of communicating with her before she could speak. She has done so well. .. As she begins speaking, she stops signing the word, I assume because she is the only one ever signing (except her parents). -- Cindy - sunnyvale, CA (near San Jose, CA) - Thursday, March 18, 1999

Great site .. I read your article on signing infants and thought you might be interested that 2 of my children could sign by about 6 months (both hearing) and I intend to teach my 3rd to sign (she is only 12 weeks old). Some signs in asl appear to be very similar to Australian Sign Language (Auslan). -- Katya - Melbourne, Australia - Wednesday, March 10, 1999

This is a wonderful Web site! I teach an ASL class at a local university and I'm going to be assigning the students to visit here daily/weekly. Keep up the awesome work! This is an excellent resource:) -- Rebecca - Da U.P. of Michigan - Tuesday, February 16, 1999

Just wanted to say thanks for the greatest site ever. I love it! -- Patty Ciborowski - Monday, February 15, 1999

I want you to know that the people that come to this site really appreciate the hard work you have put into it. I have just recently found out that my 11 month old god daughter is deaf. I haven't used sign language for over 8 years and this site allowed me to put my passion back into learning all that I can. Thank you so much.
Kat - Chicago area - Sunday, February 14, 1999

I've been having trouble finding good reference materials to study ASL outside of the classroom. I use dictionaries, but it is sometimes difficult to imagine because this isn't a written language, it is visual. And your site is a great resource .. -- Steven Pahlke - Hauppauge, New York - Thursday, December 10, 1998

.. I met my first deaf friend when I was only about 5, learned some ASL, and .. nice to have a place on the web to "refresh my memory" when I forget a sign! Thank you!!! -- Enid - Tallahassee, FL - Monday, November 30, 1998

It is so good to see you using a Zen story in your ASL stories. .. not everyone knows anything at all of Zen. Also: I LOVE your site! Please don't stop! -- Gordon Shute - Corvallis, OR - Wednesday, November 25, 1998

.. I am losing my hearing after 17 yrs. of military service .. This site is a blessing for those at a loss to find help in their areas. I think the author deserves a hearty hand wave and rich rewards for the efforts she has made to make this site a reality. If she is ever in Louisiana, she would be a welcome guest to heartfelt gratitude and hospitality. -- Steven - Ft Polk, La - Monday, November 23, 1998

.. really glad to find this web site and it makes me feel good to know that there are other people out there that have the same love for the deaf community as I do. .. -- Tracey Elmore - Warrenton Virginia - Monday, November 16, 1998.>

.. This site is great .. I am currently studying Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN) and am loving the visual language, it certainly makes it easier in night clubs. :) [..]-- Nadia Henriks. Australia - Wednesday, October 21, 1998

.. a 13 year old who got together a group of kids in in the 5th grade who wanted to learn sign language. Over these 2 years The Hearing Hands (That's our name) has really made alot of progress and I don't know how we could of done it without this website. With out The Hearing Hands I may have never fully understood Ashley, a deaf girl I've known since I was 9. I hope our story encourages kids to learn sign language at an early age or else they will miss out on a beutiful language. -- Laura - Ohio - Wednesday, October 14, 1998

Hi, we are 6 year old deaf twins. Today is our first time on the internet. -- Dallas and Douglas
- Wednesday, October 07, 1998

.. The most incredible thing that I have learned in ASL course is the deaf culture. It is a beautiful culture. As an Anthropology student I plan to make a career out of understanding cultures, the deaf culture is one that is too often overlooked. I am fascinated by the fascets of the culture. .. You have a most remarkable site. -- Joseph O'Neil - University of North Texas, Denton Tx. - Thursday, October 01, 1998.

.. Thanks again DWW for letting everyone have this opportunity to work together so we can better educate our kids with FUN activities!
Kim Pitts - Stanton, KY - Wednesday, September 30, 1998.

I have a 6 years old son .. I am taking sign language .. Not only have I found that it's frustrating for him not to be able to communicate with us as well as he would like, it's also very frustrating for us to communicate with him at times as well. Since he began attending WPSD; however, I've noticed that his frustration level has definately dropped. I'm glad that this website is available. -- Joanne. Pennsylvania - Sunday, September 27, 1998

twelve years old .. I am very proud of knowing Sign Language because it is a very special language. -- Mayra Cuevas - Wharton, Texas - Friday, September 18, 1998

This wonderful website is an opportunity for onliners to check out. I have met so many wonderful online users and I plan to spread out this website all parts of this world. This website is part of me that I can share with others. Thank you for making this possible. -- Tutis - Florida - Sunday, September 13, 1998

.. a 12 year old deaf girl from New Zealand and im looking up anything to do with deaf this page rulz!!! -- Talitha Borland - New Zealand - Friday, September 11, 1998

.. the mother of an autistic young man, nearly 20 yrs old. I taught him sign language myself because when he was young, all of the so-called experts were against teaching sign language to autistic kids. Being able to use sign language has alleviated a lot of the frustration (for him) that goes with not being able to communicate. [..] -- Raynmom - Monday, September 07, 1998

.. a 15/f, hearing and from the UK. As part of my Duke of Edingburgh Award I took part in a BSL course, and have had to do a project to go along with it, I've been looking for a site like this for ages! [..] -- tara - England - Saturday, September 05, 1998

Thank you for making the ASL Dictionary available. With the language constantly growing, it's great to have a source that reflects it's additions and changes. And thank you for using the animated gif method; it makes it accessable to those of us using the Webtv. -- Peter D. Varley - Sayville, NY - Monday, August 31, 1998

.. a great site for deaf and hearing alike. .. Thanks for being here. -- Doug Aday- Pinellas Park, FL - Friday, August 28, 1998

.. I love languages in general, I learned about 7 of them, and recently I added sign language to my "thesaurus" and I think it's the coolest! God is really great isn't He? I mean, when he gave us the languages, it's amazing! .. -- georgeta - Clearwater, Florida - Saturday, August 22, 1998

I really like this site a lot. My 7-year-old son is Autistic and can not speak. He is capable of speaking but tends to stick with making other noises. His dad and I have decided to try to get him to sign. I really appreciate having a site like this to help me learn. -- Litha Carver - Indiana - Saturday, August 15, 1998 >

.. I have a progressive hearing loss and I'm taking sign language, .. keep up the good work!
sorry - ontario - Saturday, August 08, 1998

I'm 15 and .. a great site and it has encouraged me to learn more about ASL. It has interested me since i was 11 .. For my assignment my friends and I are doing body language and the info I've gained from your site will help me alot and I think will interest the kids in my class. THANKS :))!! -- Kim L - Perth Western Australia - Friday, August 07, 1998

Kudos to your Website! While not Deaf myself, I have been wanting to learn ASL for a long time. Having recently seen a movie on the USA channel involving ASL, I thought to look it up on the Web and bingo! Here you are. [..] -- Diane Taylor - Grand Terrace, California. - Sunday, August 02, 1998

Thankyou for me share story with mom after school / bedtime. It fun. we learn sign. I like gnat and bull story. -- James Anton - Lasvegas - Tuesday, July 28, 1998

I started getting interesting in Sign Language when I was at a restaurant and a deaf person was selling these little booklets that showed the alphabet in Sign Language, I decided to buy one. Ever since, I have been very interested in sign language. .. I'm 13 right now .. -- Julie - Canada - Saturday, July 18, 1998

.. a 48 year old hearing student of ASL. .. I attend ASL Studies classes and currently take the Interpreter Training Program at college in Richmond, VA. .. Although I don't want to be an interpreter, I want to learn as much as I possibly can. .. One shortcoming I have discovered in school is the lack of adequate classes on Deaf Culture. This site is helping to fill in the gap for me. We touched on Deaf Culture in my class but you can't even begin to cover an entire culture in one semister so keep the info. coming. It's really needed. .. -- Cathy Munro - Fredericksburg, VA - Sunday, July 12, 1998

Our child is 9 months old. After reading the book BABY SIGNS, my husband I decided the closer we could make the signs in the book correlate with ASL, the better off our daughter would be. This site is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thank you so much for taking the time to provide this service! ~dp
Dawn Pettit- Midwest, USA - Saturday, July 11, 1998.

I am learning ASL at the local Univerisity and came upon this site when I was browsing the web. I really enjoy your web page and its various links. Jolanta, you have done an excellent job with your page and I applaud you for your time and interest in preparing such a wonderful page. It it truly nice to know that I (hearing person) can read about all the events and various links for the Deaf Community just by clicking my mouse:) Keep up the good work and God Bless You -- BeL - Tampa, Florida - Tuesday, July 07, 1998.

.. I have a 6 year old nephew who was born with about 10% of his hearing. The ASL site has been a big help. (My nephew likes it too.) He has been learning sign language for about 2 years now and this site helps me keep up with him. The online dictionary is better than any book that I have and my nephew find it interesting too. My nephew tries to be verbal but has a very limited vocabulary. However, he has a tremendous sign vocabulary and learns more everyday. I have become to depend heavily on this site. Thank you -- George Simpsonn - Henderson,Tx - Tuesday, June 30, 1998.

I just started learning how to sign. I am a twenty six year old male and I am losing my hearing. .. hearing slowly going down hill. I am glad to find the web site it is very useful. See I am a very stubborn man and won't go to school to learn like I should. I started by getting an ASL dictionary and my nephews's first grade reading books and trying to sign the little stories. Works good I think but I need more so I came here. Cause I need to know how to talk to my wife, and can teach our unborn child early enough in age that it is easy. Thanks for the site. -- scott - nashville, tn - Sunday, June 28, 1998.

I have no experince with ASL, but desire to learn. I hope to learn this language, as I am a police officer and desire to be able to communicate well with those deaf members of my community. -- John - Ft Dix, NJ - Tuesday, June 09, 1998.

i think this site is the best!! my daughter, kriston is 10 years old she has a total of 5% hearing. .. i live in a small town where there are no other deaf children in our neighborhood. my daughter sees her signing friends only during school. now that i have learned about your site, i believe she will enjoy her summers as well as school. -- ruth - ohio - Thursday, June 04, 1998.

Hey guys! I just love this site! I am in tenth grade, hearing, and am in my 5th year of ASL. I love it so much, and just thought I'd come on here and tell you the kids in CNY are working hard to keep our ASL program going in our school. The school board doesn't want us to have an ASL IV next year. We'll see about that! -- Heather

I am hearing and my parents are deaf .. I grew up with sign language as my second language. As a school girl I would teach my friends the alphabet and we would cheat on multiple choice tests by signing the answers. .. Sign language wasn't well known by hearing teenagers back in the '70s. But now they're offering it in public schools for credit! .. I've seen technology come a long way to .. and now this is the first time I've seen a web site for the deaf! Great!! My parents are the greatest and did a great job raising me and my sister now in our 40s. .. -- Maureen - Florida - Wednesday, April 29, 1998.

[..]I love this site very much. I am the mommy of a 4 year old boy with a rare conditon who doesn't yet speak. We are teaching him basic signs and this is a tremendous help to have on-line. You are wonderful for creating it and I appreciate it so much. I will share it with all of the many people that I come into contact with who have other children with my son's rare condition.

What a blessing your site is. -- Sandie, Tue, 14 Jul 1998

My daughter Leah is 17 mos old and has a severe to profound hearing loss in her better ear. I've been teaching her sign out of books and she can sign 40 words. Last night @ 11:30pm I found your site. I brought Leah in front of the computer, pulled up your dictionary and clicked on "bird", (one of her favorite signs). You should have seen the amazed look on her face. She pointed at the screen and signed "bird" "bird". I couldn't get her to go to bed, she kept wanting to see more signs. I think s he was trying to figure out how someone else knew "her" words. Thanks! -- Rachel. Salt Lake City, Utah - Tuesday, May 19, 1998.

I just wanted to email you and thank you for the service that you provide. I am a security guard in Sacramento, CA, and I commonly interact with the hearing impaired. I wanted to be able to communicate more effectively with these wonderful people, so I sought out your web site and have taught myself the ASL alphabet and some common phrases. This past week I gave it a shot and my guest was very happy that I was able to sign. (Albeit VERY slowly!) I will continue to visit your site and learn as much as I can.

You are doing such a great service! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Keep up the great work! -- Dale Titus, May 16, 1998

I bookmarked your page. I want you to know that I have found this a very informative web page. You have taken a lot of time and effort to put this together and it reflects a very caring attitude to share all this with others. My husband who has been deaf since birth really enjoyed reading through this site. You are a blessing to share all this with others... Thanks .. -- Susan, May 13, 1998

I just want whoever is responsible for this website to know that I truly appreciate it being here...what a great idea! We (husband and myself) are in our first semester of ASL at the local city college. We are enjoying the class immensely. What a fascinating language! We have a 5-yr old grandson who was diagnosed hard or hearing about 2 years ago. I don't even want to lose communication with him, so that is why we are learning everything we can about asl and deaf culture.

Once again, thank you for being here. This is a great tool when I can't seem to recall a sign given in class. It 'refreshes' my memory and now I don't have to wait until I get to class to ask the teacher! Keep up the good work. You are appreciated! -- Marge Smith, May 5, 1998

Just wanted you to know that I really value the sign of the day. I am not pushing to get more signs since I know what an effort it takes to put something like that on a web site. I am just letting you know I appreciate the signs that are there. -- Michele Harmon - Learning ASL at Gallaudet; April, 1998

I would just like to say thank you for having this web site. It was very hard for me to deal with my baby brothers hearing disibility, but now I relize that it is only a way of life, just the same as I wear glasses. I am going home today with a smile on my face and I am going to find this web site again and share it with the rest of my family. It makes me feel very good to know that there are people in the world that care about this problem and are willing to help my brother and people with this disablity. I greatly appreciate it and so does the rest of my family. Thank You! -- J.L.H.S Angel - Milford, Connecticut - Thursday, March 26, 1998.

The rules of language are not dependent on sound, as evidenced by the many sign languages used around the world. For a quick lesson in how movements can convey grammar, drop by this cleverly designed site. Simple animations prove surprisingly effective for demonstrating how to sign letters, words or even short stories using American Sign Language; short essays and signing tips offer an insiders' view of nonspoken linguistics. -- Discover magazine (Web Tour), March 1998

I just wanted to thank you for having this web site. My partner was recently put on a resperator in the hospital and the only way he could communicate was through sign language. This site has been a tremendous help! -- Matthew Ramsey, February 22, 1998.

This is a great site for those interested in ASL. I am impressed with the stories which show well formed English sentences AND grammatically correct ASL structure. It is very well done. It is also nice to compare signs that may be different from region to region. This increases awareness and offers good visual reinforcement for ASL. As a student of Linguistics and an ASL Interpreter, I would recommend this site to anyone who just "can't get enough" ASL resources. [..] -- John Chambers- Provo, UT - Friday, February 20, 1998.

Thank you so much for such a cool site. I have been interpreting for some 14 years, wow, it does not seem that long. Smile

Anyway all have done a marvelous job in the video portions, educational, informational, etc. Stand up and cheer, pat yourselves on the back.

If I had to sum it up in one "sign" PAH! -- Ishwari, Tue, 17 Feb 1998.

Very Nice Site! I particularly liked the short stories. It is very hard for a person like me to catch onto the grammer without examples. The stories are also beutiful and fun.

My family is learning signing together and this is a great adjunct to out classes. Thanks. -- Otto Smith - Washington State. January 23, 1998.

Brava! This is a wonderful match between need and technology.

I'm a hearing person with an interest in ASL, part of a more general interest in linguistics. To learn signs, a book just doesn't work -- you must see the motion. Your two- or three-frame GIF animations are perfect. (And the signer is attractive, too, which always helps. You think, "Now, there's someone whose language I would like to learn!")

Of course, now you need about ten times as many entries, plus longer illustrative sentences and usage notes. I'm sure this is an enormous amount of work. Is this effort funded, or is it just a labor of love? [Answer: labour of love]

Keep up the wonderful work. -- Allan W. 9 Dec 1997.

I'm a deaf student of the university Potsdam. I dived into this site and that's really great! That is the way how I can learn some signs of the ASL before I go to the 'country of unless limits'. Go straight to the point, and do the best! Yours sincerely Mathias. -- Mathias Schäfer. Potsdam, Germany. October 08, 1997.

Welcome to the Wonderful of Nature-"Malaysia"

My heartiest congratulations for making the American Sign Language dictionary online already. The site of ASL dictionary is very impressive and it makes the deaf from over all the world, very proud.

I use American Sign Language, Sign Exact English, Malaysian and Chinese sign Languages, depending on who I talk with. [..] -- William Wong Sai Woon. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. October 05, 1997.

I found this page heart-warming and helpful. I am a high school senior looking into the asl interpreting field and this gave me great confidence. -- Katy Flottman. Chewelah Washington - Wednesday, October 01, 1997.

[..] I have just recently started a ASL class and I feel like I'm learning a foreign language. [..] -- Sherry Ryan. Michigan - Tuesday, September 30, 1997.

I am an extreme novice but find both the language and culture fascinating. -- Patrick Meagher. Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Monday, September 29, 1997.

This is an enjoyable way to learn some basics of A.S.L....I have a few fellow classmates in my main college course, and this can be a great way to learn some basics, and converse with them...even if it's slightly...Thanks for this website! -- Jon. Southeast - Saturday, September 27, 1997.

I am just looking forward to seeing more about ASL. I have learned mostly English Sign, (in which I am fairly fluent) but I find it difficult to INTERPRET in ASL. I can hold general conversations with my very patient :>) deaf friends in ASL. The only thing is that I already know what I am going to say, whereas a speaker doesn't generally give me any fore-warning about what he plans to say... some of it I can infer from the talk... but ASL from another person's speech is difficult. English is much more simple for me to translate. So, I look forward to trying different kinds of ASL that I learn from whatever sources I can find... this should be a good one, thanks! -- Christine J. Hiatt. Indianapolis, IN - Thursday, September 25, 1997.

I love learning ASL, even though the only contact I've had with it has been at college! After having lived in the Deaf house, I am truly excited to continue my ASL education! :) -- Stephanie Barnhurst. Provo, UT - Wednesday, September 24, 1997.

Great Site! I have a friend who is deaf and we were "wearing out" his children who interpet for us. I'm taking ASL1 at the local college. This site is a good learn and practice source. Please put up some more stories like the the Gnat and the Bull! -- Richard Ames. Baltimore Maryland - Friday, September 19, 1997.

A very friendly "sight" and the comments were super fun to read through. I am 1st yr. student in the 2-year ITP program. I have discovered a whole new world awaiting our finger-tips. I already love our professors. ASL/ITP is the best decision I have ever decided to do. It is not only learning about deaf people, but people and myself.-- Kelly Cox. Mesa, AZ. - Thursday, September 18, 1997.

A wonderful page. I am learning sign to work with my deaf customers and to also communicate with my friend's deaf daughter. A blessing on the net.. -- Howard Wood. Biloxi, Mississippi - Wednesday, September 10, 1997.

What a relief!!! Had no idea this was here! Just used ASL for keyword and this is what I got. Wonderful!! Am currently in an interpreting program [..] -- Amanda. Md. close to D.C. - Tuesday, September 09, 1997.

Very cool!!! I am deaf mummy with three hearing boys,and they all learning better asl to communicate better with me.This is a great help to them while they play on the computer.They also enjoy showing this sight to their friends. Great going!!! KEEP UP THE WORK!!!! smile :) -- Braughwyn Schreiner. New Cannan Connecticut - Tuesday, September 09, 1997.

Tiz iz a useful & great website. -- Nicole. Singapore. September 07, 1997.

This my first time visit. I love it!!! -- maria lindsey. montomery, al - Saturday, September 06, 1997.

Wow ! I was happy to find this site. I have a new baby- 3 months old , who is deaf. I need all the resources I can find to learn sign, so I will be able to sign to her. Wish me luck!:-) -- Ede. Maine - Saturday, September 06, 1997.

I was waiting for some advocate to put ASL on the web.I am very pleased to see you have done it. I can now connect all our staff (Deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing) to this site. I am sure as time passes many people would contribute to this site and appreciate your efforts. -- Jim Aazam. Toronto, Canada - Sunday, August 24, 1997.

WOW! This is a really cool site. I am not deaf, but I have a friend who is. I am trying to learn sign language from him, but I don't get to see him very often. So I am trying to teach myself with this book I ordered, but I cannot figure out some of the signs. This site will be especially helpful, cause I can see the movements. I can't wait till I can use sign fluently, then we won't have to use mountains of paper to communicate. :-) -- coni. California - Saturday, August 16, 1997.

The [formerly] Deaf World Web is just simply incredable! I could spend hours devouring it's contents. The ASL dictionary is the most extraordinary thing I have yet seen on the WWW. Thank you very much! -- Randall Tracy. State College, PA United States - Sunday, August 10, 1997.

I have a moderately hearing impaired (60dB) 3 year old daughter and we have been trying to learn Signed English since January of this year. [..] I think this site is a terrific place to look through! This whole thing is relatively new to us so we are having a difficult time learning what we need to know to stay ahead of her. (She learns so quickly!) Thank You!!! -- Susan C. Kimbley Hubert, NC - Thursday, August 07, 1997.

I am enjoying this entire resource...this dictionary is a blast. -- Lori Schmider.Carterville, IL - Wednesday, August 06, 1997.

Nice site! We're teaching our son sign language as part of his speech therapy. He hears fine but is speech delayed. He's now 2 1/2 and is at 1 1/2 age level. Your page will help!!! -- Linda Wishman. NW Wisconsin - Wednesday, August 06, 1997.

i think this is the best web page on the web as far as my interests go.i think your doing a great job and keep up the good work. -- garrett partin. denham springs louisiana - Friday, August 01, 1997.

I'm a mother of a 12 year old deaf boy and an interpreter at a local elementary school. Can't wait to dive in !! -- Mary Moore. jaxflorida - Wednesday, July 30, 1997.

This is a great website, I'm adding it to my favorites list so It will be easy to come back!! I've just recently begun to develope a strong interest in learning sign language, and it's growing stronger everyday!! [..] I'm starting to get very excited about this!! Ron Jordan. Harrisonville, Mo. - Monday, July 28, 1997.

terrific. I only wish I discovered it sooner. I am a teacher at the hearing impaired and know this web site will be of great use to me! -- Susan White. Wa - Sunday, July 27, 1997.

I'm flabbergasted with this Deaf World Wide Web...totally awesome! -- Sarah H. Bellido. California - Monday, July 14, 1997.

this site is great! God, ASL is so different from German sign language, I have to learn it! Keep up with this!! -- Frieda. Germany. July 11, 1997.

Salute to these people who did outstanding job....... me deaf, my job title is "Deaf interpreter" ... especially in medical field ... such as emergency rooms, urgency care centers, and all of the state, county, and federal correctioncal facilities (prisons).... Keep the excellent job!!! -- TJ Campbell-Carson. Salem, Oregon (AMERICA) - Sunday, June 29, 1997.

The models look a lot better than the other boring ASL dictionaries and CD-Roms. -- Cori Lynn Wapnowski. San Diego, California - Sunday, June 29, 1997.

An interesting use of animated GIF pictures! Very clever! I'll tell all of my classmates at the Center on Deafness (at Western PA School for the Deaf) about this site! -- Terry J. Wood. Pittsburgh, PA - Friday, June 27, 1997.

WOW, WOW, WOW :) Absolutely love this...came before and can see the improvements... am a Elementary Deaf Education going for QA.. love info and graphics the best :) keep it up!!! -- Julie. Florida - Wednesday, June 25, 1997.

I was flipping through my current copy of Gallaudet Today and found the article on DWW- Love IT!! I'm always looking to expand my knowledge of Deaf Culture and sign (i'm hearing)- keep up the good work! -- Marie Taylor. Fredricksburg, VA - Wednesday, June 25, 1997.

I am so glad to have found your site. I am searching for a sign language course online. I have some signing skills, but would like to become certified. I live rural with a young family so I cannot relocate to study. I also am limited with someone to practice with. Your site is a great help. Footnote: I am not deaf, but hearing impaired, so the knowledge helps me personnally too. Glad you're here. -- Georgi. N.Law.,N.Y. June 23, 1997.

A site not to be missed by those who are keen to know and learn more about sign language. What a way to extend our friendship to the deaf. -- Wooi-Ken, Chuah. Malaysia. June 23, 1997.

Hello, what a wonderful way to have this ASL online to tear down the communication barrier between the deaf and hearing people. I'm a part-time ASL instructor, beginners and intermediate levels. -- GLENN A. PARKER. WEYMOUTH, MA. June 21, 1997.

Hi, I like your site and look forward to more advanced signs. Are you planning sentences in ASL? PSE? Must be hard work creating such a site. I'm a recent graduate of SCCC Interpreter Training program. I'm looking for ways to continue learning. Are you Deaf? My daughter will love it. Thanks. -- Rita Miller. seattle,wa - Wednesday, June 18, 1997 at 21:48:40 (EDT)

Bravo! And a standing ovation for this site...I have had six semesters of ASL, and worked for the past two years in a group home with people who are deaf. Signing did not come quickly for me I did not seem to have that "natural talent" but I did have a strong desire to learn! I only wish that this site would have been around when I was in college.. Seeing the signs in action is marvelous! I now know if I am signing correctly (something that you don't truely know if you are following a book) KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK! I can't wait to tell everyone about this site...and to come and visit here again soon. THANKS Sincerely, Cougar Hancock. Arizona - Tuesday, June 17, 1997.

have 5 year old child very interested in learning sign. hope this turns out to be helpful -- michael thramer. omaha, nebr, usa. June 15, 1997.)

Great site! I look forward to an expansion of the words currently in your dictionary. You're off to a great start-- please continue to improve this wonderful site! -- Fran Frazer. Ft. Pierce, FL - Friday, June 13, 1997.

Praise Jolanta!!!! Now thanks to your networking genius, I can flirt the socks off or flame the skin off the folks on the net in ASL! -- Sabretooth. Edmonton, Alberta. June 12, 1997.

My two and 1/2 year old son is profoundly deaf. I am trying to learn to sign. This site is wonderful!!! Nothing can conpar with seeing the movement of a sign. The only problem with this site is that there aren't enough signs listed. I hope this site continues to grow!!! [Now it is!] -- Dorie Kincaid. Virginia Tech - Thursday, June 12, 1997.

I really did enjoy your site! I hope that I was able to help some people who had questions about interpreting. I loved also the ASL dictionary. It shows the movement of the sign. How ultra-wonderful! -- Sherry Hagood. Tarleton State Universtiy - Monday, June 09, 1997.

This looks really helpful for those of us learning ASL who don't want to continually ask "everyone" simple signs. -- Sarah Oelke. Minneapolis, Mn. June 09, 1997.

Just checking out ASL sites for my 4-year old son. He's interested in learning ASL just as another way to communicate.... -- Steve. New York - Monday, June 09, 1997.

Look forward to learning!!! -- Patricia Collis. Payson, Ut USA - Wednesday, June 04, 1997 at 18:32:40 (EDT)

Thank you!
Ellen Mumper <>
Kingston ON canada - Tuesday, June 03, 1997 at 12:48:10 (EDT)

I love the expresive language. I am visiting here to LEARN. I have a new friend who is deaf, & so my desire to learn this because it's beautiful is now an increased desire because I want to talk to my friend. [...] -- Orrinette Gebbeken. Carson City, Nevada - Monday, June 02, 1997.

Wonderful site! -- Michael Hubbard. San Francisco, California - Saturday, May 31, 1997 at 02:00:31 (EDT)

This is a great site! Since a long time I was searching information about sign languages, because my sister has a deaf friend and I appreciate her very much, but, until now, I couldn't find anything about it. Now we will comunicate better with her. Thank you very much.
Cesar Tonathiu Gonzalez Hernandez
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon Mexico - Friday, May 30, 1997 at 15:49:46 (EDT)

PAH!! -- mike burton. cave spring, georgia. May 28, 1997.

I am trying to teach my baby "baby sign language" which apparently will aid him in his communication skills down the line.... He's not deaf. I've read the Book "Baby Signs" which is inspiring. -- Lori Marks. Cranbury, NJ - Wednesday, May 28, 1997 at 12:06:23 (EDT)

Can't wait to get started! -- Sharon. Cleveland, Ohio - Monday, May 26, 1997.

I can't wait to experience this site.-- Amanda Wilkins. California - Sunday, May 25, 1997.

Good start! It's so important to have this on the Inernet. I like the caution statements in the alphabet section so that people can avoid confusion. Will you be doing pieces of conversations and phrases?? I guess that must require a lot of work... Good luck! -- Erich Anderson-Krengel. Connecticut. May 25, 1997.

[Jolanta: Yes, I will do some sentences/phrases but, yes, it requires a lot of work and spare time. :-) ]

I want to learn how to sign. I don't ever want to meet someone that I can't talk to. -- Jessie. Georgia, USA. May 22, 1997.

this is so great!!! a place to practise when you have noone to practise with. -- Maureen Mannion. Bufffalo, NY. May 21, 1997.

Excellent idea!
Kathy MacLeod <>
Fairbanks, AK - Wednesday, May 21, 1997 at 04:08:47 (EDT)

Just want to say I appreciate learning. Thank you for access to anything you have to offer. Thanks again. -- carol acox. Chicago - Tuesday, May 20, 1997.

Wow. I am deeply impressed. What a great piece of work ! Hundreds of video frames to process, many hours of signing and re-signing to make this site happen. A real winner :) -- Kai Schlichting. Long Island, New York. May 18, 1997.

I am anxious to see what is on this page. I am the child of deaf parents who used basically alphabet, and I want to learn more sign. -- Nancy A. Cronig. Santa Monica, CA. May 15, 1997.

Very interesting! Can't wait to see more signs in the future - I will add this website to my "favorites" list! -- Darlene Murphy. Calgary, Alberta, Canada. May 14, 1997.

i've been looking for this. i'm desperate to learn asl. thanks -- bong d. Pasadena, CA, USA. May 14, 1997.

This is great!! Now when my deaf friends hit me with a sign, i can find it ;-)) Thanks!! -- Stacey. Montreal, Quebec. May 14, 1997.

Very happy to have this service, thanks SMILE -- John David Carrigan. Germantown Maryland. May 12, 1997.

what a page! -- Mark Todd. Glasgow, Scotland, UK.May 12, 1997

I am happy that this is offered to the deaf and the hearing that are learning sign language. Thanks for allowing this for me and my friends! :-) sksk -- Byron Caldwell - April 08, 1997