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"Thank you for being as attentive as you have been. Your professionalism and customer care is beyond any I have ever experienced. Gratefully, Juanita Lozano" -- First e-greeting card from a customer. July 22, 2005.

"I love this site. It is one of the coolest on the web. Yes, I think so!" -- teacher of deaf student. May 6, 2005.

"In fifth grade, all the girls learned the alphabet from cards and swore not to teach the boys. We would gossip with fingerspelling. Twenty years later I still know the alphabet!" -- May 6, 2005.

"... I absolutely love your site it has helped me understand so much more of my culture and language (Sign Language). I feel better about sharing my culture and language with those who are hearing. I have been profoundly deaf for seven years and never found such a good website until now. I hope to find out more with my years to come in life. Thanks!!!" -- Kim Cummins, Wisconsin, USA. November 11, 2004.

"The reason I am coming back to your site is nostalgia. When I first began learning sign, your site was one of my first resources. I spent many hours watching you signing in 2000. I learned a lot from you .. Now I want to revisit the place that got me started." -- Val Popov, November 8, 2003.

"Thanks for your input! I was able to propose [her] and Sarah accepted. She was very touched that I used a language that is important to her...she even leaked a few tears :-)" -- T. Thomason. October 28, 2004.

"I am a first grade teacher in an American International School. Students in my classroom speak anywhere from two to four languages with fluency. At times when they are exhausted with auditory input, they are entranced when I use American sign language. I teach in a Latin country where many students are itch to express themselves with their bodies and faces and American Sign Language helps them to shine with the American curriculum, even when their first and second languages are not English." -- Katherine O'Brien, October 7, 2003.

"I think this is one of the best websites I have ever been to. I'm 17 and ever interested in learning how to handspeak. I think it is one of the most beautiful languages in the world .. I would be thankful to learn more about sign language. To me it's a very hard language to learn but it's worth it." -- Bartlett L. Marinovich. August 29, 2003.

"My son is now one year old. about two months ago, i looked up the sign for 'medicine' because he had been given an antibiotic for his cold, and i wanted to describe it in ASL for him. well, i showed it to him only about three times. two months passed, and he got a sinus infection. I was talking to him about taking his medicine. when i said 'medicine,' he made this sign i didn't recognize. he put one finger on the middle of his other palm. I thought it was kind of funny that he did it every time i said 'medicine' but that he must have made it up because i couldn't place it. just to be sure, though, i looked up the sign for medicine again. it's the truth, my one year old son remembered the sign for medicine that i showed him only three times, two months ago, and i didn't!! I guess us human beings are amazing creatures. We are never too old to stop learning, and never too young to teach! I am grateful for the wonderful resources (such as your site!!) that have allowed me to learn ASL so that i can teach it to my son. It's altered my perspective in so many magical ways! thanks for everything!" -- Aleta. May 6, 2003.

"I appreciate your website more than ever, now. My son is 11.5 months old and he's picking up new sign instantly. I'm rushing to keep up with him! It's great that he can not only communicate to me that he is hungry, but also what he wants to eat. Plus, he is able to understand some abstract concepts through the visual language. Like "happy," for instance, and "play." It's very rewarding as a parent to really know your child is making connections. It's also rewarding to see him light up with pride when his communications are understood!" -- Aleta. April 14, 2003.

"... your information has inspired me to appreciate the indepth love of a very unique visual language ..." -- Karen Mahanga, Wellington, New Zealand. April 26, 2002.

".. a Roman Catholic priest, newly ordained .. helping me expanding my vocabulary in ASL. Hopefully in the near future, I may be able to preach to the Roman Catholic Deaf community here in San Jose, and I will always remember you in my prayer for helping me reach and bring the Word of God to them." -- Fr. Anthony Nguyen, California. March 10, 2002.

".. fantastic. When I teach ASL at work, I recommend it as a practice resource for my students .. one of the best organized and designed sites on the world wide web. -- Cinda L. , Connecticut. March 4, 2002.

".. a liturgical praise dancer. I have been using the sign languages from your page to incorporate into my dances. ..such a blessed enhancement. I almost stopped dancing before running across your site, because I was having difficulty creating gestures based on the words in the song .." -- Mary Sims, USA. February 12, 2002.

"I teach Sunday School at the Salvation Army and I am teaching my children memory verses. I came across one that had sign language to help them remember the verse better. They loved it. ..Please don't stop updating this website. .. maybe one day my kids will be able to sign with another person that needs help. ... I believe that it is very important to know how to sign since it can be very frustrating for someone to get their point across. Even verbal. .." -- Katie, USA. February 17, 2002.

"I just think what you are doing is just too cool ... I am totally sure that a lot of your people around the world are enjoying these up-dates ... it is a great "get me started", "daily learning tool" and just plain fun to see ... on behaf of all your loyal net learners, thanks a whole bunch." -- Ward, USA. February 19, 2002.

...i love the kuwaiti sign!!..the "gun-slingers from the west" ... this has special meaning to me, because i flew in desert storm as an air force pilot ... sentimental ... that is a sign i will never forget!" -- Ward (pilot), USA. February 20, 2002.