HandSpeak® Sign Language App

"Is there an ASL app for handspeak.com?" Yes, from open Web! Home screen on your mobile devices isn't just for phone apps but also for mobile-friendly websites as web apps. Note that this web app/site would still require an Internet connection.

How to add an app to the home screen on phones

You can pin this sign language app to your home screen so you can quickly load it on your Android smartphone, iPhone or even Windows. Here is how:

Android: Launch Chrome for Android (or other web browsers such as Firefox for Android) and visit the website (e.g. www.handspeak.com) you want to pin to your home screen.

Sometimes your phone will pop up "Install" automatically after visiting a few pages on the site. If not, then tap the menu button and scroll down to find "add to homescreen". Tap Add to homescreen.

add handspeak to home screen

You can enter a name for the shortcut (e.g. "Handspeak") and then Chrome will add it to your home screen.

enter handspeak for home screen

The icon will appear on your home screen like any other app shortcut or widget, so you can drag it around and put it wherever you like.

enter handspeak for home screen

That's it. Tap on the Handspeak icon and the web browser will load up the web app. Enjoy the sign language app!

iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch: Launch the Safari app or another browser on your Apple or iOS device and navigate to the website you want to add to your home screen.

Tap the "Share" button on the browser's toolbar. Select the "Add to Home Screen" icon in the Share menu.

You can rename the shortcut before tapping the Add button. The shortcut can be dragged around and placed anywhere, just like an app icon.

That's it! Tap on the Handspeak icon to open the web app. Happy browsing on the sign language app!

First open your Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser and visit the website at www.handspeak.com. Look for an 'install' icon in the omnibox or URL field. The 'install' icon may not show up immediately. Wait a few seconds or so for it to show up or keep cruising on the website after a few pages and check the icon.

handspeak app for home screen

Click on the 'install' icon. It will pop up a 'install' window box.

install handspeak

Click on the 'install' button to install the Handspeak web app on your computer. It will automatically open the handspeak app on your computer.

open handspeak app

Browse as you normally do. You have the active app in the taskbar. You can pin the Handspeak icon to the taskbar as well as the Start menu.

uninstall handspeak app

If you decide not to use the app, you can uninstall it. To uninstall the app, simply open the app and click on the menu and select "uninstall". You can come back through the web browser on the Web/Internet any time.

Enjoy browsing on the Handspeak® sign language app!