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sign language online Sign language resources and extracurricular ASL (American Sign Language) materials for language+culture enthusiasts, ASL students and learners, instructors and teachers, interpreters, homeschoolers, parents and professionals for practice or self-study.

ASL Word of the Day

Equivalent to English: volunteer

This Day/Week in History

October 24, 1986: Gallaudet College was renamed Gallaudet University (in Washington, D.C.).

ASL Story of the Week

Link to The Farmer and his Sons.

Quote of the Month

"I cannot understand how a language like sign language - the richest in expressions, the most energetic, the most advantageous in its universal intelligibility is still so neglected and that only the deaf speak it. This is, I confess, one of those irrationalities of the human mind that I cannot explain."
-- Pierre Desloges, 1779

Learning This Week

Translation: Happy Halloween.

Learn a few Halloween-related vocabulary.

Upcoming event: Veterans Day / Remembrance Day.