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Guess what the ASL word mean? See English translation Meaning: BIMONTHLY

Word of the Week - Baby Signing

Baby signing a ASL word RED in an early phonological development (handshape, location, and movement).


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Trivia Question

How is language acquisition in signed language from birth to age 3 compared to that in spoken language?

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Sign Language

Signed language is a natural, full-fledged language in visual-spatial modality. It has all linguistic features (from phonology to syntax) as found in spoken language. It's the primary language of Deaf people in North America. More on American Sign Language. Learn about the myths and facts about sign language.


how to write wh-questions in ASL

To get started, learn the ABCs in ASL alphabet.


Take a peek what the ASL number is: number.

Learn how to sign numbers 1 to 100.


Signed languages have their own grammar that are different from spoken languages. E.g. ASL and English are two independent languages with their own structure, grammar, vocabulary and so on.

Random grammar tip:

In fingerspelling, focus on the form and movement of a fingerspelled word rather than concentrating on each letter. Fingerspelling tips


how to write wh-questions in ASL

Learn how to ask questions using wh-questions and yes/no questions.

Deaf Culture

Where there is language, there is culture; sign language and Deaf culture are inseparable.

When learning sign language, become familiar with cultural appropriation to avoid inappropriate intentions and audism to be aware of. Learning sign language and Deaf culture comes with the process of allyship.

Quote of the Week

"You can never understand one language until you understand at least two."
-- Geoffrey Willans