Deaf driving on the road

"Can Deaf people drive?" Hearing people sometimes wonder if Deaf people do drive. Contrary to popular belief, Deaf people are statistically safer drivers in general.

deaf drivers
Cartoon by Matt and Kay Daigle. Website:

Our personal observations can attest to this statistics.

A newspaper clipping, "Deaf people are among the best drivers":

"Deaf people make better drivers than people with normal hearing -- and they could be the world's safest motorists, a fascinating new study shows.

"That's because they compensate for their disability by concentrating on watching the road, the research showed.

"'They've got it all over us hearing people when it comes to driving," said a spokesman for the National Association of Driver Educators for the Disabled.

"'They've always taken in everything with their eyes and as a result they tend to see everything when they're at the wheel."

"And not being able to hear ambulance and other emergency sirens doesn't make deaf drivers unsafe at all. The study found that deaf drivers check their rear view mirrors frequently and can tell immediately if they should pull to the side of the road." -- Weekly World News, Lantaria, FL, April 25, 1995.

Want to know further? There are a few deaf licensed pilots flying their non-commerical planes.

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