Language for the Eye: a poem in BSL

This well-familiar poem "The Language for the Eye" is one of Miles' poems in British Sign Language.

Hold a tree in the palm of your hand,
Or topple it with a crash.
Sail a boat on finger waves,
Or sink it with a splash.
From your fingertips see a frog leap,
At a passing butterfly.
The world becomes the picture in this
langauge for the eye.
Follow the sun from rise to set,
Or bounce it like a ball.
Catch a fish in a fishing net,
Or swallow it, bones and all.
Make possible scurry, or airplanes fly.
And people meet and part.
The word becomes the action in this
language of the heart.

Based on the poem above, this poem interpreted into performance poetry by a Canadian Deaf actress Elizabeth Morris and her group.

For an original version produced by Miles in British Sign Language, see the related link below.

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