Music score: visual poetry performance (2006)

The visual poem music score reflects a childhood memory and experience of "music to the eye" on a number of train rides between my residential schools and family home in my childhood years. I was mesmerized by the black thick telephone lines dancing in motion through the train window and by the rhythmical sideway movement of the train.

My first-hand experience also strongly relates to the poem "Eye Music" in American Sign Language by Ella Mae Lentz and her experience. The first time I watched her poem, I knew exactly what it was as a participant of direct experience, not an observer or listener to the poem or story.

Not only with the desire of expressing my experience, but also the video is a desire to experiment on the concept of concrete poetry in sign language in the written form.

A working definition of music by Jolanta Lapiak is as follows:

"a mathematical or fractal essence, pulsating energy, consisting of rhythms, melodies, tones... embodied in architecture, images, sculpture, nature... and music instruments that reproduce visual music, vibration, and/or sound." -- July 11, 2004 (Journal)

To disconnect music from sound, I created a few experimental videos on the concept of visual/vibrational music.

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