Hear-washing and deaf-face in mainstream films

Inspired by the concept of "whitewashing" when referring to Hollywood's historical practice of casting white or lighter-skinned actors in roles that are meant to be played by other races, the term "hearwashing" was coined by the creator of this site in early August 2015.

Hear-washing refers to movie studio's practice of casting hearing or hearing-identity actors in roles of Deaf people.

Deaf people speak out against hearing actor portraying Deaf role. Examples of casting hearing actors in Deaf roles are: Julianne Moore as old Rose in Wonderstruck and many.

Many Deaf people felt cringed by hearing actors acting as a Deaf roles. No matter how good actors they are, Deaf people cannot be fooled. It's a tantamount to Caucasian actors painting their white faces black. It's offensive and degrading. It shows no respect for diversity and equality.

"... Unfortunately, as soon as she [Julianne Moore] started playing the Deaf role, my body ached (like it always does whenever I see a hearing actor play a deaf character) all over." -- Jules Dameron. FB, October 21, 2017.

Deaf roles belong to Deaf actors, period. There are plenty of Deaf talents. #DeafTalent.

Deaf West Theatre's Spring Awakening had deaf and hearing actors in its production. It's a beautiful, successful show.

On a positive note, Edgar Wright casted a Deaf actor CJ Jones to play the African American Deaf elderly character in the latest movie Baby Driver (2017). Bravo to Edgar Wright who is glad with the right decision. It's a positive sign of time.

ASL sign for hearwashing in the ASL dictionary.