Ella Mae Lentz: Deaf American

Ella Mae Lentz (1954-present) is a well-respected Deaf American poet, advocate, and educator.

Ella's name sign.

Ella was born in Berkeley, California on May 5th, 1954 to Deaf parents and has a Deaf brother. After graduating from the California School for the Deaf, Berkeley, in 1971, she attended Gallaudet University.

Then Ella launched her ASL career in teaching and training instructors and interpreters. She is the co-author of the textbooks, Signing Naturally curriculum series. She is one of the board members of Deafhood Foundation (www.deafhoodfoundation.org).

Ella was also involved in developing products such as The Treasure Poems by Ella Mae Lentz, The Deafhood Monologues, The Heart of the Nitrogen Jukebox, and a number of others.

Ella is also well-known in the Deaf community for her ASL poetry. She created the familiar poems: Music to the Eye, The Door, The Treasure (video above), and a few more.


Ella Mae Lentz runs her own business at www.aslpresents.com.