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Learning This Week

30 September: International Translation Day observed by the United Nations.

We are grateful for Deaf and hearing interpreters; we also need to recognize Deaf bilinguals who translate themselves on a regularly, if not daily, basis between English text and 'spoken' ASL, for their vlogs and other literary works.

World Teachers' Day [UNESCO] - Oct. 5th

The United Nations' (UN) World Teachers' Day is held annually on 5 October to celebrate the essential role of teachers in providing quality education at all levels.

World Teacher Day
Photo (1977?) courtesy of Jolanta Lapiak.

On this day, let's celebrate to recognize teachers of the Deaf and sign language instructors around the world for their preservance and commitment.

(Randomly picked) Deaf teachers to remember... Andrew J. Foster (1925-1987), Deaf African American educator. Marie Jean Philips (1953-1997), Deaf American educator, bilingual-bicultural advocate. Dr. Laurene Simms, Deaf African American educator. Laurent Clerc (1785-1869), Deaf French teacher. And, thank to all signing/Deaf teachers of Deaf children, ASL instructors, and teachers in general. .

Storytelling of the Week: Learn some basic ASL signs, classifiers, and narrative perspective from it: The Old Lion and the Fox.

This Day/Week in Sign Language / Deaf History

October 7, 1931: Daniel Chester French, an American sculptor whose best known work is the sculpture of a seated Abraham Lincoln (1920) passed away in Massachusetts, U.S.

October 8, 1995: Ugandan Sign Language was recognized and included in Uganda\'s new Constitution.

Quote of the Month

"I cannot understand how a language like sign language - the richest in expressions, the most energetic, the most advantageous in its universal intelligibility is still so neglected and that only the deaf speak it. This is, I confess, one of those irrationalities of the human mind that I cannot explain."
-- Pierre Desloges, 1779