International Sign Language

International Sign Language (ISL) is composed of selected signs from different signed languages.

Deaf travelers and allies use ISL for communication at international conferences and sport games of the Deaf, and other official meetings run by Deaf states.

ISL is not a universal sign language. Native signers use their own signed languages in their home countries. ISL is only a "portable" language. It exists only as long as Deaf people from different countries gather together.

This ISL dictionary is designated for fluent signers who are experienced with complex grammar and structure in their home countries. Experienced signers are capable of doing creative ways of building sentences with a limited number of ISL vocabulary.

The ISL signs in this dictionary may be evolved over time from one generation after another and/or from a year after another.

Add your signed word

Experienced ISL signers are welcome to submit videos of each signed word. Contact Handspeak for more information.