ASL sentences

Learn and practice these sentences. It helps you grasp some grammatical concepts and some ideas of how signed sentences and phrases are formed in American Sign Language.

This section is ideal for ASL students of advanced levels and to-be interpreters in training. If you are a beginner, I recommend you to begin with the ASL dictionary and to learn sign language lessons.

Learning tips

To improve your signing skills, first read an English translation and figure out how to interpret it into ASL. Practice before you start playing the video and study it.

Pointers to remember

You may be familiar with some "fixed" words from the dictionary, but many verbs are grammatically inflected within sentences. These sentences show you how to use correct grammar, such as spatial and verb agreements, verb inflections, etc.

Likewise, you cannot learn ASL "fixed" words from the dictionary and use them in different contexts. Because, these signed words may change meanings in different contexts and/or sentences.

While these sentences may be helpful, the best way to learn more is to interact with ASL-speaking people regularly.

Signed language is very much alive and variant in different contexts as any spoken language. Each sentence is only an example of several possible variations.


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