Sign language interpretation and translation

What is interesting about bilingual-bimodal translation is that not only you learn how to interpret from one language into another language, but also, more excitingly, an interpreting process involves from one medium to another -- e.g. spoken and signed or even from signed ASL into written English.

Sign language phrase translation

Some of these translation pieces gives learners an opportunity to learn how ASL grammatical structure and contextual meaning are constructed.

More phrases and sentences will be added to the list sporadically. You can email your requests with a text or a list of some sentences/phrases to me.

Search ASL phrases

There are two ways of searching English-ASL phrase translation. In one search on this page, enter a single word in the field and click on the button. The enteries will show the signing phrases directly.

In the other search page, enter a single word in the field, and the results will show a list of English phrases to choose from and view the signing phrase.

At this stage, choose a basic common word such as "what", "name", "class", etc. If nothing comes up, the word in the phrase is not available. More sentences will be added from time to time.

Classifier and verb phrases

Learn about sign language classifiers, prepositions and word order/structure. Useful practice for ASL students of all levels from beginners to advanced to learn some basic everyday expressions from family to work.

Text translation

More practice materials ideal for advanced ASL students of level 3 and above as well as ASL-English interpreters in training to study and learn how ASL grammatical structure and meanings are constructed. It provides them the opportunity to practice interpreting or translating.

If you are a beginner, I recommend you to begin with the ASL dictionary and some lessons (tutorials) where there are some basic stories in ASL.