Mouth Movement

Mouth movement is a part of facial grammar in sign language. It conveys an adjective, adverb, or another descriptive meaning in association with an ASL word.

General meanings

Mouth MovementMeanings
CHAvery big, very large, gigantic, colossal, very tall.
long-TH and short-TH melting (eg. snow, ice, chocolate, decreasing-contact), nothing, sticky (glue), sloppy, careless.
"cheek-puff" fluffy, chubby, hold back laughter, short-and-sweet "cute".


Below shows some examples of mouthing that represents a size of a book. Facial grammar is integrated with a classifier (a handshape that represents a group of objects).

A number of the pages of a book is average.

A book is thick in pages. Notice a different handshape from the previous one.

The length of pages of a book is short.

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