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"Language is one of the most systematic, subtle, and significant vehicles for spreading racist ideology." -- Kenya Lowe.

"By the way, learning to read lips is grossly offensive. It's like asking an amputee to wiggle their toes." -- Joshua McKenzie (a comment on some blog)

"The single greatest risk faced by Deaf children is inadequate exposure to a usable first language." -- Dr. Sanjay Gulati, Professor, Havard Medical School.

"A child without language is like a bird without wings." -- Tibetan Proverb.

"Learning to sign without interacting with Deaf people is like learning to swim without water." -- Bill Vicars

"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way." -- Frank Smith.

"The most serious issue in the Deaf community is language deprivation among Deaf children, which is caused by the refusal of teachers, administrators, audiologists, and other "experts" to recognize the crucial importance of American Sign Language to our linguistic, cognitive, academic, and social health." -- Matthew S. Moore, 2016.

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How is sign language studied in linguistics? See linguistics.

Quick glossary

Linguicism: the prejudice based on a language.

Linguistics: the scientific study of natural language.

Logocentrism: the attitude that logos (the Greek term for speech, thought, law, or reason) is the central principle of language and philosophy.