Learn sign language as a second language (L2)

Something sparked your interest in learning sign language? You're not alone. Learning a signed language as a second language is a rapidly growing interest, especially in ASL (American Sign Lanuage).

If you are all new to ASL, start with the lesson "ASL 100" and progress from there. If you had learned some ASL before, reviewing ASL 100 may be helpful or refreshing.

Face-to-face classes

Are you looking into a career in sign language interpreting? Or, simply take an course or two to meet the university's language requirement? Seeking a ASL/Deaf Studies certificate? To attain the highest communicative competency possible?

How to look for ASL classes or courses to take at your nearest school or college. Find out how to pick the right ASL program to fit your needs.

Self-studying online

On the other hand, you might be looking for resources to learn ASL on your own, self-paced. It's more relaxing and fun. It may be one of your hobbies and interests.

Here you can explore and learn some ASL lessons, tutorials, and tips for both ASL students and language enthusiasts.

ASL Students

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ASL Instructors and students

Got some memorable anecdotes, learning tips, and/or invaluable advices to share with others students and instructors? Shoot your email to Handspeak.