South Africa - Attention

Peddling Scam in South Africa

It has come to our immediate attention that South African peddlers sell the manual alphabet cards, fraudulently using the trademarked Handspeak and/or name on the cards.

First of all Handspeak™ is not related to any other activities beyond this website. It does not ever endorse this activity and has never given permission.

  • If anyone approaches you in South Africa or any place, do not buy, donate or accept any card or product with the name of Handspeak on them. Tell them it is not ever endorsed by Handspeak™. Handspeak™ provides a subscription service and/or products directly from only, not via any parties outside this website.
  • Report it to the South Africa Police or a local security of the location.
  • Inform your fellow citizens not to accept any cards or products via a third party and tell peddlers to remove the name.
  • Thank you your cooperation.

    Besides this, there is a number of fraud activities in South Africa that we need to work together to stop those activities.