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Free sign language resources and extracurricular materials for language enthusiasts, ASL students and learners, instructors and teachers, interpreters, homeschoolers, parents and professionals who are interested in learning how to sign language online and/or beyond classes for practice or self-study.

Sign Language dictionary

American Sign Language dictionary

How do you sign "thank you" or "I love you" in ASL? Browse or search thousands of signed words in the ASL video dictionary online.

Travel? Check out the ISL dictionary (International Sign Language).

Deaf cultural studies

ASL literature and arts

Learning sign language is inseparable from studying its Deaf culture. Deaf culture with the core of sign language is a distinct, cultural-linguistic identity of people of the eye.

ASL Word of the Day

Equivalent to English: husband

Quote of the month

"[Bilingualism] is our ally ensuring quality education for all, in promoting inclusion and combating discrimination."
-- Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO

ASL Tip of the Week

" If you don't understand a signed word, a sentence or a fingerspelled word, don't be afriad to ask to repeat the part. Don't pretend to understand and nod. Deaf would be happy to repeat and appreciate honesty."