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Games in Sign Language

There are different games involving ASL and other sign languages. You can adapt any of these games. If you know a game that you would like to share with others, contact me via email.

Manual alphabet memory game

More than two people in the game. The first player signs a ASL word that has the handshape of "A" (e.g. "sorry" in ASL). The next player repeats the first word "sorry" and then add another ASL word that contains the "B" handshape (e.g. "bad" in ASL). The third player repeats the first two letter-based signs and adds the third sign for the letter "C". It continues around the circle till the player forgets the sequence and leaves the circle. The last person, who remembers the most, wins.

ASL memory game

It is similar to the manual alphabet memory game but it does not contain the manual alphabet. A player starts with any ASL word. The next player repeats the first ASL word and then adds another ASL word. The next player repeats the first two words and adds another word. These words can be random words or can be formed in a sentence(s). The players continue in a cirlce until the person forgets and gets out of the game.


Pick a number between one and nine (e.g. three). Every player in a circle of 5 or more players tells the next manual number on rotation. If the next player hits a number with the number "three" in it, she/he must fingerpsells "buzz" instead of telling the number. If a player tells a wrong number or tells a number instead of "buzz", she/he is out.

Telephone line

More than about five players (receivers) stand in a line facing in the opposite direction from the caller. The first "caller" invents a sentence in ASL and signs it only once and clearly to the first person (receiver) who then taps on the next person's shoulder. The next person turns around and listens to the first person who repeats what the caller person said. Then the second player taps on the third player's shoulder to turn around and repeats the line. The line is carried from the person to the next person. The last player repeats the sentence to everyone. The original caller then announces the original sentence. All players can compare the original sentence and the last person's sentence and see how much the line has been twisted from the beginning to the end.

Manual alphabet wave

More than three people in a circle (two persons are also possible). The first player starts with the manual letter "A". The next person fingerspells "B". And the next person fingerspells "C" and so on. It goes around fast till the person makes a mistake and starts again with the letter "A". It is fun and is not about win or loss. It runs adrenaline.


If you have a pictionary game, use its materials and rules. Instead of drawing, use gestures only (ASL not allowed). It is fun for everyone (whether one knows ASL or not).