Sign language with baby

This documentary blog follows a baby's language development, phonological acquisition, and literacy development in American Sign Language on a weekly basis from her birth to her first birthday in a natural native-ASL environment and visual culture.

"Deny it to the mouth and it will dart out through the fingers." -- linguist Lila Gleitmanof, the University of Pennsylvania.

Language and the Brain

Observe the baby's development from eye contact and gazing behaviors to the emergence of gestural pointing. Watch her language process from the babbling stage to the first ASL words week by week from birth to first birthday.

Studies show evidence that language development is maturationally brain-controlled, regardless of modality (speech or signlan). That is, brain has no preference for language modality.

Studies show that acquiring a signed language from birth is on the same language developmental timeline as acquiring a spoken language.

"The human brain does not discriminate between the hands and the tongue. People discriminate, but not our biological human brain." -- Neuroscientist Dr. Laura Petitto, 2012.

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