Gaze shifting between picture and ASL word

Eye-hand coordination had been a relatively big progress this week. The 3 month old baby Juli enjoyed grasping the black camera strap or other strips. She began to reach, touch and explore a small object such as the tiny stuffed rabbit.

Full color vision should be fully developed by 14 weeks old (3 months old) or so.

Juli looked at the picture where I pointed at and then shifted her gaze at me for the ASL word. And then she gazed back at the next picture and looked at me for the word; one after another.

This was a milestone that I really noticed how Juli shifted her gaze between ASL signed word and picture. A milestone in sign language acquisition.

It's uncertain whether Juli realized that finger-pointing is the link between a signed word and its picture, and thus a connection between the object and its name.

ASL vocabulary

Video clip: "Wanna orange?" Juli looked excited. She had tasted the orange last week. "Sorry, no orange left. Wanna strawberry?" Juli looked grumpy. Introduced the garlic to Juli in scent and word. Juli looked unpleased when sniffing it.

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