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American Sign Language dictionary

American Sign Language dictionary

How do you sign "thank you" or "I love you" in ASL? Browse or search thousands of signed words in the ASL video dictionary online. Travel? Check out the ISL dictionary (International Sign Language).

Deaf cultural studies

ASL literature and arts

Learning sign language is inseparable from learning its Deaf culture. Deaf culture with the core of sign language is a distinct, cultural-lingusitic identity of people of the eye.

ASL Word of the Day

Equivalent to English: number

Current trends

Quote of the month

"The human brain does not discriminate between the hands and the tongue. People discriminate, but not our biological human brain."
-- Neuroscientist Dr. Laura Petitto, 2012

ASL Tip of the Week

" Cultural norm: When a phone rings and you answer it, always politely inform a Deaf person (friend or guest) in your presence. Tell who it is (e.g. my aunt) and say "excuse me, please". Make your phone conversion brief if the Deaf person is your company or is waiting for you."

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